On a boat


To paddle in the middle of the ocean and drink a cold ice tea, is my definition of life at the moment. While doin’ that, why not in a fire red and kick ass swimsuit? 

back in paradise

IMG_1599IMG_1602Finally I’ve landed on my greek island I call home, in our apartment in crete. My vacation were so well needed this time. I’ve been in a mode were I have to make a lot of big decisions and this place has been perfect to go back to myself. I use to describe the situation with “the ketchup effect”, when you have it, you have it all in the same time. For me it has always been important to have life goals and this beach has made it possible to write down some new.

Soon I will be able to tell you what I’m up to! Can’t wait-

Henna details

IMG_1454IMG_1512Lovely Nidae did henna on one of our after works in the second hand store and she blew me awaaay with her talent. Since then I’ve got two more henna made by her.

-I love the henna detail with a basic every day look.