Creativity has always been a way for me to express myself. In January 2017 I got a special birthday gift, during an emotional time. Wrapped in paper, there was my first painting set with a canvas. To paint became a tool for me to find inner peace, clean soul and mind from daily dust and it became a canal for my feelings to get through me.

I’ve spent hours and late nights to early mornings with each piece. Every painting has it’s own meaning and symbolizes different phases and feelings that have passed my heart and soul.

I’ve never pictured myself a motive or selected colors before painting. For me it has been important to let It come to me during a process of hating and loving what soon will be a motive.


September 2017 Art exhibition ”Uncovered” at Galleri granen/Sundsvall
October 2017 art exhibition ”Uncovered” at Galleri Korn /Hornstull Stockholm
27-29 of April 2018 upcoming exhibition ”Kaleidoscope” at Galleri Korn /Hornstull Stockholm

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