The bohemian dress


Dress, River Island/Leather jacket, Blk dnm/

Wedding dress or not. The impression of the dress has been different. But what I love with this white, bohemian maxi dress in lace, might be the fact that you can rock that dress as every day wear with a leather jacket and boots. 

On my skin


I wanted to capture some nice photos in black and white in my new tattoos.

I’m so satisfied with my two latest tattoos I did at Andy’s studio a few weeks ago. It was more than 5 years ago since he did my first, the gun. I’ve been so confused when it comes to the eye. Color or not, size, lashes or not and so on.But I just love it. Andy just get it, the feeling of how I want it to be and maybe a bit better than i’ve expected!

And yes, it is a symbol for protection against the evil eye. Normally we are used to see them in blue!

With love,

_MG_7885It feels a bit empty now when our after works in the second hand shop are over. The big foundraising we’ve had to help Syria has been such a big part of what i’ve done the latest 3 months. We’ve pushed ourselves to do something new and different. And our lineup’s, seriously? They’ve kicked ass! Natasha from huckleberry tattoo, Nidae with henna, Yuc and fotografiska served virgin cocktails, glasskalas helped us with ice cream and popcorn, makeup artists and of course DJ’s.

Wanna say thank you all again. You all remind me every day why I love my job! You’re the best. Volonteers, partners and customers.




Rooftop with Colin

MG_8868MG_8882Photo borrowed from Madelene

want to spend all my time on rooftops this summer. Eat, work, hang out and arrange bbq’s. Is it only me?My dear friend Madde had a new launch for and we were having a really good time with good vibes! Thank you Madde and!